One Direction's 'Night Changes' music video is finally here, which means that all of us here at PopCrush are simultaneously losing our minds and desperately wishing we could date every single member of the band.

The premise of the video alone is enough to send us into convulsions (super romantic dates with One Direction? YAS), but the actual execution is better than we ever thought possible. Zayn -- looking dapper than ever in an all-black suit -- opts to take us, the lucky viewers, out to a fancy restaurant, giving a smile so swoon-worthy we're surprised we're still alive to watch the rest of the video. Liam goes the carnival route, winning us a giant teddy bear whose own adorableness doesn't even come close to Liam's. And then there's Harry, who, when he grabs our hand to take us ice skating, basically melts the entire rink with his good looks and that dimple.

The debonair Louis chooses to take us for a luxurious drive in his vintage convertible, a ride we wish would never, ever end. And Niall? Well, his date may be the most romantic of all, choosing to spend a quiet evening at home with just the roar of the fire and a killer smile that makes us weak in the knees. Sigh.

While each date ultimately ends in disaster -- Zayn gets a plate of spaghetti dumped on his head, Harry gets carted off in an ambulance a la 'Out of the Woods,' Liam pukes into a hat, Louis gets arrested and Niall accidentally lights himself on fire -- none of that actually matters. Because it's One Direction. And we'd still date them all in a heartbeat.

Directioners, check out One Direction's 'Night Changes' music video above!

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