One Direction won two awards at the BBC Radio 1 Teen Awards. They couldn’t be there to celebrate, so they accepted remotely by filming two hilarious videos.

The boys accepted their award for Best British Group by putting clothespins (or "pegs") on their pretty faces. Whoever in the band put the most pegs on their face got to accept the award.

The winner was Niall Horan by a landslide! We can hear Louis Tomlinson groan, "It really actually hurts." Well, yeah! What do you expect when you have clips pinching your face and sensitive skin, LT?

The boys also won for Best British Single for 'Best Song Ever.' In order to accept the accolade, they had to 'string it out' -- whoever drew the shortest straw had to make the acceptance speech while being covered in silly string.

It was LT who got the shortest straw and accepted while being assaulted, lovingly so, by his bandmates, saying, "We love our fans and this tastes disgusting! Thank you, sorry we couldn't be there."

Too. Freaking. Cute.

If loving 1D is wrong, we don't EVER want to be right.

Watch LT of 1D Accept an Award While Being Covered in Silly String