Harry Styles and Kendall Jenner may have called it quits, but that doesn't mean that the 1D boybander is breaking up with his other love. That's right: despite rumors that the band have split, One Direction have spoken out to say that they are very much still together.

Rumors of a 1D breakup began flying when Liam Payne revealed that the band hadn't seen each other for three months leading up to the BRIT Awards. But don't worry, Directioners: that was just because the boys needed a short break from each other.

"We’re not breaking up," Styles explained to Metro. "We’ve spent every day together for months and I forgot what my mum looked like. It’s just holidays." In addition to all the fun the road has to offer, being away from loved ones so often has to make it tough.

In an separate interview with Capital FM, Payne agreed: "I miss the boys but if you don't see your family you would go mad."

That being said, just because the band are still together doesn't mean that the members aren't working on their own projects. Hazza reportedly ventured into songwriting and has supposedly written a tune with John Legend for 'X Factor' alum Alex & Sierra's upcoming debut album, The Independent reports.

Sierra revealed to The Mirror: "Our favorite [song] is one that Harry Styles wrote with John Legend, it's beautiful and lovely. [Harry] is actually an amazing writer, he's pitched us a few other good ones and they're really good."

Still, Harry is clearly eager to show fans what is next up in the 1D world. In fact, the guys are already gearing up for their next record and upcoming tour.

"We have been writing away for the next album and rehearsals are just about to start soon for the tour," Payne said. "We’re not splitting up. We’re on WhatsApp messaging each other all the time, talking about song ideas and just funny stuff from our day."

Straight from the horse's mouth: there is nothing to worry about, Directioners!