One Direction's got one fewer member since their last album's release, but it seems not a single fan has jumped ship.

Last night, the foursome—seemingly intent on ruining our beauty sleep—released a brand new single called "Drag Me Down," a catchy, upbeat track that praises ride-or-die types. Was it a shot at the departed Zayn Malik, who's embarked upon a solo career? Is its immediate success (the song shot to No. 1 on iTunes like it was thrust from a catapult) proof the band can weather any storm? We're still assessing what it all means, but 1D loyalists are already very, very sure everything's coming up roses.

While you were settling into the thick of your REM cycle, Directioners far and wide taped their eyelids open in the name of supporting their favorite group on Twitter. Check out some of the most rabid sentiments below.

The subordinate Directioner:

The eternally grateful Directioner:


The happily single Directioner:

The Directioner/arachnid fanatic:

The Directioner who might be allergic to One Direction but still likes One Direction:

The straight French bomb Directioner:


The app-deleting Directioner:

The Directioner who's also excited about shoes:

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