It looks like Zayn Malik has officially signed a deal with RCA Records.

The former One Direction member announced the news in a series of tweets earlier today (July 29), hashtagging #RCA and posting a photo of himself literally signing documents at what looks like the company's headquarters. Many have speculated Zayn wasn't happy with the music he made while with One Direction, so it's expected that whatever material he releases as a solo artist will have a sound far removed from his past work with the band.

According to Billboard, Zayn is currently working with Frank Ocean's creative partner, Malay, who produced Ocean's critically acclaimed Channel Orange. Zayn is a longtime fan of Ocean's, so the collaboration makes sense. Other artists on RCA's roster include Chris Brown, A$SAP Rocky, Alicia Keys, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Justin Timberlake, Miguel, Usher and more — so he's in good hands.

And while it's great that Zayn is finally (well, hopefully) creating music he's actually a fan of, he probably could've announced the news a little more delicately. One might even say he successfully alienated a good chunk of his remaining fan base by not-so-subtly admitting that he didn't like the music he made with One Direction.

He wrote, "I guess I never explained why I left, it was for this moment to be given the opportunity to show you who i really am! #realmusic #RCA !!" Ouch.

Zayn did releases a statement when he first left the band, saying he quit to get out of the spotlight, hoping to finally reinstate some well-deserved normalcy and privacy into his everyday life. Considering One Direction's insanely hectic, never-ending schedule, it was understandable at the time. Someone had to be the first to burn out, you know? But his quick shift to solo artist makes that statement feel somewhat disingenuous now. Et tu, Zayn?

But wait! There's more. After hashtagging the grossest phrase in all of music-elitist history (#RealMusic), he posted a single tweet that just says #REALME. Good for you, Zayn! Burn that teen fan base bridge! Pour gasoline on its bloody remains and set it ablaze! You don't need them anymore! You're a real artist now!

After realizing the enormous mistake he'd just made, Zayn went on to retweet fans who had encouraging things to say and also this:

So don't be upset, you guys. It's time we allow him to be freed from the bubblegum pop prison he's been trapped in all these years. Get that authenticity, Zayn!

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