Well this is embarrassing, isn't it? Despite an earlier report from Harry Styles himself, it looks like One Direction's 'Steal My Girl' did not actually break the VEVO record currently held by Nicki Minaj's 'Anaconda.'

To be fair, it was a pretty daunting task, trying to beat Nicki's 19.6 million views in the span of a 24-hour period, but we figured if anyone could beat that record, it would be Directioners. So when Harry tweeted that fans had shattered the record, who would've thought to question him!?

With great power comes great responsibility, so when he found out he misinformed millions of people, Harry chose to set the record straight. (...The record that they didn't break.) Harry delivered the disappointing news to fans via Twitter via a knock knock joke. (Check that out above.) Considering he's known for his often terrible, cringe-worthy jokes it was a pretty fitting way to let fan downs with some humor. He then tweeted his thanks for fans for making every attempt. Aww.

Directioners then used their power to get #DontTrustHarry trending on Twitter earlier today (Oct. 30), and we totally understand that feeling of betrayal. Anyone think Harry should release 'Night Changes' early as an apology? No?

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