Michael Jackson's 14-year-old daughter Paris was once a shy girl who seemed reluctant for any of the spotlight that often consumed her late father. But thanks at least in part to a recent and very messy public family feud, Paris has now found her voice -- and lately she's been using it to defend her friend and neighbor, Justin Bieber.

Seems Paris didn't much care for it when Drake Bell, the 26-year-old star of the Nickelodeon show 'Drake and Josh,' fired the first shot on Twitter last week when he wrote, "I haven't listened to much Justin Bieber but his songs must be full of hate and rage because that's what his believers are filled with."

As you can imagine, Justin's eleventy billion fans took that pretty personally, and set upon Bell like the formidable little bedazzled army they are. But Bell must have enjoyed the brouhaha, because on Sunday, he tweeted, "I don't "Hate" @justinbieber!! I just think his fans are repulsive. Not a huge fan of that style of music...big deal...I don't like popradio."

As if that wasn't bad enough, he posted the photo you see here, which appears to be a doctored shot of the Biebs wearing more make-up than a drag queen on Saturday night.

Oh no he dint, cried the Beliebers -- and then it was game on.

Picking on one of the world's biggest pop stars seems to have become sport for some lesser celebs, and to be honest, it's a rather transparently pathetic ploy for attention. But no matter -- Paris wasn't having it.

In two now-deleted tweets, she first addressed Bell by saying, “If u wanna compare the amount of fans or amount of TALENT even between u & Justin you know u would lose right? know ur place.”

She later told her nearly 800,000 followers, “just like he stated his opinion, i stated mine …although posting a hate picture isn’t really an opinion but oh well.”

So we just have one question for Drake Bell: how does it feel to be schooled by a 14-year-old girl?

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