Demi Lovato is more excited about 'Demi' than any other album she's ever made, including her deeply personal and most successful record to date, 'Unbroken.' She's also excited about two particular fellow singers in the pop game: Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande.

Lovato revealed to Billboard that while 'Unbroken' was her biggest hit, it wasn't her favorite album yet -- but 'Demi' is. "I think with every album there's more pressure, because you always want to do better than the last album," she explained. "I want a career that's going to last me a long time, so in order to do that, you have to keep making great music. For me, 'Unbroken' wasn't my favorite album, and this one is my favorite one so far. I put a lot of work into it, and I think it's going to be my most successful album to date."

While fans loved 'Unbroken,' it sounds like Lovato simply got exhausted of it, in part because of the sonic direction and in part because of the touring that went with the album. "I got sick of the songs," she admitted. "When I would play them onstage, I was just like, 'Oh my gosh, I can't play these anymore.' And I have to wonder, was that album really who I was? Was I just experimenting with sounds? I think I wanted to try something more R&B, but when I tried that, it wasn't really me. And so with this album, I'm so excited to play new music rather than getting tired of the songs."

Lovato also revealed that she wants her music to be a beacon of positivity, and that there's more to that than partying. (Do we sense some subtle Kesha or LMFAO shade, perhaps?) She says of her goals for 'Demi,' "I always want to make positive music. Obviously I'm gonna have my songs about heartbreak and breakups, but with this album … I get sick of listening to the radio and hearing only music that's talking about partying and drinking and getting high. That's not what I do," she said firmly. "It's not what I stand for. Maybe a couple years ago I would have loved it, but I'm not the same person I was a few years ago. Now when I listen to the radio, I can't relate to a lot of it."

She continued, "With my album this time, I wanted to go into it keeping in mind that I want to listen to stuff on the radio that I can relate to. I think the reason why artists like Adele and Taylor Swift are so relatable is because they talk about their experiences and pour it out in their songs. There's a lot more to their music than just partying and going out." It's interesting that she brings up Swift, at whom she's previously tossed some shade. Good to see these gals getting along!

The 'X Factor' judge also pointed out that while sex sells, it may not be worth the money. "My [recent] inspirations are people like Kelly Clarkson, and the people that I listened to when I was growing up were more known for their vocals rather than their sex appeal," she said. "I had a lot of respect for Whitney Houston, and Christina Aguilera, on some songs where she was really amazing and wasn't trying to be sexy or anything like that. I just found that I had more respect for artists that didn't talk about that stuff, and those were the ones that were more successful."

She added, "I feel like, if you have talent, you don't have to go down that route. If you don't have to sing about drinking and partying and sex, then don't. I have a little sister that's listening to this music -- the last thing I want to do is release music that is gonna influence her in a way that will take her down the wrong path. My dad and my family hear this music! I don't want to feel too uncomfortable when they're listening to it."

Who does she think has enough talent to not have to take that route? "Ariana Grande. She has vocals that are just unbelievable, and I have so much respect for her because she is a true singer," Lovato gushed. "She's someone that I feel like is going to have a long career because of her voice, and I think she's going to be a huge name. She's gonna be great."

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