The Pet Shop Boys, one of the most prolific acts in electronic pop, return yet again with their Start Price-helmed 13th studio album Super, due out in April. (Fun fact: The duo's very first record, Please, came out in March of 1986 — almost exactly 30 years ago.)

The new album, according to PSB, is meant to evoke the "London club scene of the early '90s," which makes lead single "The Pop Kids" a suitably nostalgic way to formally kick off the campaign.

"Remember those days, the early '90s?" Neil declares above a dreamy throwback '90s club pulsations while wistfully reminiscing about those halcyon days at university.

"They called us the pop kids 'cause we loved the pop hits / And quoted the best bits, so we were the pop kids / I loved you..."

PSB have always championed an unapologetic love of disco music and pop hits, and this thumping tune is no exception: "We were young, but imagined we were so sophisticated / Telling everyone we knew that rock was overrated," Neil sings. It's like a lyrical nod to "Paninaro" ("I don't like rockabilly or rock 'n' roll particularly") and "Can You Forgive Her?" ("She's made you some kind of laughing stock / Because you dance to disco and you don't like rock.")

Hey, some themes are forever.

"The Pop Kids" will be released on March 18 along with two B-sides: "One-hit Wonder" (which comes from an instrumental originally crafted in 1981) and "In bits," as well as a deep dub remix and the "Full Story" remix, which features an extra verse "which brings the story of 'The Pop Kids' up to the present," according to a press release.

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