Do blondes have more fun? Well, it looks like Fall Out Boy's Pete Wentz is about to find out.

The bassist dyed his hair platinum blonde recently, showing off his brand-new golden hue in an Instagram photo.

But it seems that the fresh dye isn't the only new thing in his life -- in fact, it may be a symbol of some brand-new tunes.

"Prepared for new art on the horizon," he captioned the photo, adding two yellow emoji hearts.

While some fans reacted with adoration, others seemed to be shocked by the musician's surprising dye job -- after all, Wentz is pretty well-known for his black locks.

We're definitely intrigued to see what "new art" Wentz has in store, but for now, we're kinda liking his brand-new look, which at least mirrors that of his family: Ex-wife Ashlee Simpson is known for her light locks, while their son Bronx also dons the same golden shade.

Check out the pictures of a blonde Pete Wentz above and below!

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