Pitbull is back with another dance track from his forthcoming 'Planet Pit' album, and this time it's 'Rain Over Me' featuring Latin (music) lover Marc Anthony.

"I'm freaky, baby / I'm gonna make sure that your peach feels peachy, baby / No bulls--- broads, I like my women sexy, classy, sassy / Powerful, yes / They love to get a little bit nasty," the Pit declares before Anthony chimes in with the catchy but repetitive chorus:

"Girl my body don't lie, I'm out of my mind / Let it rain over me / I'm rising so high, out of my mind / So let it rain over me."

Per usual, the 30-year-old Miami rapper offers a steady blend of English-to-Spanish lyrics, much like ‪in the classic, 'I Know You Want Me (Calle Ocho)‬' ... And pretty much every other time.

This song is true to Pitbull's style, but it's also very similar to a lot of other Pitbull songs. If it weren't for Marc Anthony's own Latin contribution -- in English -- we might think we'd heard this one before. The negative: We got bored quickly. The positive: This one will absolutely blow up in the club scene, but we're not so sure it's another radio hit for the main bull.

'Rain Over Me' hits radio on July 18, nearly a month after Pitbull's new 'Planet Pit' album drops on June 21.

Listen to Pitbull, 'Rain Over Me' Feat. Marc Anthony