At this point in his career, Pitbull deserves the key to Miami, if that's something that actually exists in real life and isn't just a tired movie trope.

The rapper's latest music video (for the insanely infectious "Fun" featuring Chris Brown) deserves all the tired Miami Vice comparisons it's going to get, because it's chock-full of a vague plot, beautiful women and an allusion to drugs.

The clip opens with Chris Brown handing Pitbull an Official-Looking Folder. It's full of information on a woman who just so happens to be both good-looking and involved in an illegal import-export trade out of Colombia. Pitbull's sole mission here is to go "undercover" and take her down, but also to have "Fun" while doing it. Do you get it? There's a subtlety to Pitbull's work.

The plot lasts for all of ten seconds, when we're suddenly transported to Pitbull's Sexy Miami: A magical land where everyone's hair stays frizz-free despite the humidity, and ugly people are banished from appearing in public.

Pitbull seemingly forgets all about his mission when he's pulled into a deserted room and given a lap dance by the aforementioned lady-criminal. She then handcuffs him to a chair and gets away, but it's all so lighthearted and "Fun" that Pitbull cracks a wry smile at the end, as if to say, "touché." Ya tu sabes!

Check out the video for "Fun" above.

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