Consider yourself an expert on all things Pixar, from Toy Story to Inside Out and every talking car and wandering fish in between? If so, this supercut video compiled by Oh My Disney will point out several Pixar easter eggs you've already pieced together — but it may hold a few surprises, too.

That's because this thing goes even deeper than we realized, by "this thing" I mean Pixar's savvy knack for internal marketing by planting references to future movies in current ones. For example, did you notice Inside Out's Riley in a quick cameo during 2016's Finding Dory that comes at the top of the video below? If you did, you're an animation facial-recognition genius. But if you noticed the reference to Cocowhich won't be out until November 2017, in Dory, let's just say you are VERY up on your Pixar news.

The video, which Toy Story's Facebook page shared on January 15, points out connections between Dory, The Good Dinosaur, Inside Out, Brave, Monster's University, the Toy Story movies, The Incredibles, WALL-E (didn't catch Chef Skinner's Ratatouille Vespa peeking out of the trash heap in WALL-E either, these references require constant vigilance!), A Bug's Life and Cars. 

Ratatouille's Gusteau's becomes Gastow's in Cars 2! IT ALL CONNECTS. We're way beyond playing "find the hidden yellow Luxo Ball" now.


Watch Oh My Disney's "Pixar Easter Eggs" video below, and let us know which ones you'd never noticed before.

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