After the 'Pretty Little Liars' Season 5 premiere aired last night (June 10) we were treated to a glimpse of the second episode of the season entitled 'Whirly Girlie.'

What does the promo tell us about what's in store for our Liars?

From what we can tell, Ali will turn herself into the police and not everyone will be handling her return to Rosewood well. Mike and Mona are still together, and Mona and Ali will have a tense confrontation in the mausoleum where Ali was supposedly buried.

One person definitely not adjusting to the return of Ali? Aria.

According to executive producer Marlene King, she will be dealing with Shana's death last night in 'EscApe from New York' very poorly.

"One of the questions the girls have always asked is, ‘Why did Ali pick us? Why were we the team she put together to be her friends?’ And those answers will come. One of the reasons she picked Aria is because she’s so compassionate, and now that — as you say — she’s tasted her first kill, it will affect her dramatically. And traumatically," King revealed.

As for Ali herself, King also teased that this season will be dealing with her sexuality, particularly when it comes to Emily who she will be caught up in a love triangle with.

You can catch episode 5x02 next Tuesday, June 17 at 8PM ET on ABC Family and learn even more about the plot points via the episode synopsis.