Two of our favorite 'Pretty Little Liars' couples are reuniting during Season 5 (Toby and Spencer) and (Hannah and Caleb), but that doesn't mean it's gonna be all sunshine, lollipops and rainbows for Spoby and Haleb.

Read on to find out what our couples can expect, but proceed with caution, there be spoilers here.

We already knew that Toby and Spencer would come back together pretty early on, but now we're wondering what they know that we don't?

As actor Keegan Allen (Toby) teased with Troian Bellisario (who plays Spencer) on Twitter:

Troian previously hinted a similar upcoming reveal on Instagram, writing, "Storytime with [Marlene King] trust me. You all are so sad you missed out on this one. (Now keegs and I can really be know it alls)."

What did they find out!?! We guess we'll just have to wait until the 5x06 range (which is currently filming) to figure out the reasoning behind these reactions.

Things will be even more complicated however for Caleb and Hanna, who will reunite (possibly not happily) during the 100th episode.

As executive producer Joseph Dougherty explained to E! Online, "Hanna's look is going to be adjusted, Hanna's attitude is going to be adjusted. Caleb and Hanna have both changed, and they've both had experiences that the other one is un-privy to."

"In both cases for their experiences, they really aren't at liberty to discuss it, and they're both personally under a lot of stress inside. So I think both of them are kind of looking to the other to kind of say, ‘Take me back to that safe place where I once was before.'"

We have high hopes that Haleb is endgame, but it sounds like it isn't going to be easy to get to that place.

Hopefully their lives will be slightly less complicated when 'PLL' returns on Tuesday, June 10 at 8PM ET on ABC Family. But we highly doubt that.