After over 20 years in the hip-hop game, Pusha T is finally stepping out on his own as a solo artist with 'My Name Is My Name,' currently scheduled for a May release. But that doesn't mean he's lost his taste for working with other artists -- or that he's unwilling to step outside the box when it comes to potential collaborators.

The subject came up during Pusha's recent interview with MTV Hive, during which he expounded on a number of interesting topics, including his various professional ups and downs and his thoughts on the current state of hip-hop. He had a thoughtful answer for everything -- and that included the question of who he'd like to work with "if connections and money were no object."

"Fans want to hear me and Jay-Z do a record together. Fans want to hear me do a Pusha T/Jay-Z collaboration. 'So Appalled' wasn’t enough for them," he responded. But he wasn't finished naming names: "On a whole opposite end of the spectrum, I would like to do myself and Adele. I feel like I could get Kanye to do the track of all tracks and I could get Adele to sing the soul of all soul on one of my most introspective records ever, that would be it."

And if he really had his way? "One more person I would like to do a record with," added T. "I wouldn’t even want to rap with him. I actually only want him to rap on my album, and not even this one -- I just want him to rap on a Pusha album -- is Andre 3000. I just want to hear him rap. And I would name that song 'Fan Moment' and give him the whole three minutes of just raps."

Jay-Z, Adele, and Andre 3000? It sounds like Pusha T has the makings of a pretty terrific follow-up to 'My Name Is My Name' here. Are you listening, label execs? Make this happen.

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