Once again proving herself to be more opinionated than a Gallagher brother, Raven-Symone apparently believes that pants are the ultimate signifier of class.

After expressing a few controversial opinions during her stint on The View -- she doesn't believe Harriet Tubman should be on the $20 bill and she recently defended Univision anchor Rodner Figueroa's racist comments about Michelle Obama -- Raven continued doing super great when she decided to come for Beyonce.

Whoopi Goldberg recently called out crotchety presidential-hopeful-who'll-hopefully-never-be-President Mike Huckabee for his incessant comments about Beyonce's use of sexuality in her music and performance. Raven simultaneously aligned herself with Huckabee and stirred up the Beyhive when she said (via BET), "Okay, I have an issue, I love — oh, here we go with the Bey fans again...but I just need somebody to put some pants on when people are performing nowadays...I think there does need to be some class in the female pop world."

Raven did say that Janet Jackson is a female pop star who, in her humble opinion, gets it right -- she appreciates Janet's use of sexuality in her music and performance but also commends her on staying "classy."

In case you're unaware of the power of the Beyhive (the self-ascribed moniker of Beyonce fans), allow us to refresh your memory with one of our favorite examples: When Kid Rock expressed feeling "flabbergasted" over Beyonce's success in a recent Rolling Stone interview, the Beyhive took it upon themselves to shame Rock by flooding the comments on every single photo on his Instagram page with bee emojis.

And while the Beyhive rally around their Queen in defensive against those with (what they perceive to be) undue criticisms of her, they are not above turning against their own when they feel they've been slighted. When an announcement from Beyonce on Good Morning America this morning (June 8) turned out to be about her new diet plan and not new music, fans unleashed their upset on her Instagram page too, leaving comments full of non-vegan emojis. Such is their power.

Brace yourself, Raven.

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