Having made the nightmarish hike up the West Coast's Pacific Crest Trail in 2014's Wild, Reese Witherspoon is definitely due for a dream-come-true.

The Oscar-winner most famous for playing a ditzy Harvard Law School student in Legally Blonde has signed on to play Tinker Bell in a live-action film called Tink, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Victoria Strouse, who's penning a second Finding Nemo film as well, will write the script.

Taking the lead from 2014's Maleficent, the project will aim to tell the story of a well-known character from her own yet-unearthed perspective, the site says.

For those not familiar with the Peter Pan figure, Tinker Bell is a pint-sized fairy who's got a nasty temper but is generally a great help to those in need (specifically: Peter). A sprinkling of her fairy dust can make anyone fly, but she's got limitations, too, and can only communicate through the jingle-jangle of a tinkling bell. Sounds like memorizing dialogue could prove to be a real breeze for Reese this time around! Let's hope good ol' Tink has taken a few elocution courses since she last joined the battle against the evil Captain Hook.

Whaddya think: Can you see Reese spreading fairy dust across Neverland, or helping good ol' Peter in a pinch? From where we're sitting it's a perfect fit, but be sure to share your take on the casting in the comments below!