Singer and YouTube personality Ricky Dillon is preparing to release his debut album Gold on January 15. And in anticipation of the album, he just released a new song called "Steal the Show" on this Monday morning (December 28). The track is a collaboration with fellow YouTube personality and singer Trevor Moran.

You can purchase the song on iTunes or listen to it in full via Spotify below.

"Steal the Show" is your typical pop-party song, opening with the sentiments, "Tonight we are going insane / Going upside down, inside out / Gonna make this night the best night out." Dillon and Moran warn us that we're not ready for them to enter the scene together because they'll be "causing trouble on the go," but we'll be watching them nonetheless as they head directly for the dance floor.

The chorus repeats the song's title — but without the necessary bombast, fun, or emotion to convince us that either Dillon or Moran actually knows how to "steal the show," as their vocals are eclipsed by monotone autotune.

The party takes a rambunctious turn in the song's second verse when they admit, "We got so loud, they kicked us out / But we don't care, yeah, we still shout," even though their vocals are a far cry from any actual shouting.

Ultimately, Dillon and Moran deem themselves unstoppable as they run through "ultraviolet lights" because they are the masters of stealing the show.

Maybe that's why Our Second Life broke up.

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