"I want you to be my sex slave." Those were the first words of the 2012 MTV Video Music Awards, delivered by Rihanna as she boldly kicked off the award show by performing a medley of the X-rated remix of 'Cockiness (Love It)' and her universal smash 'We Found Love.'

Appearing on stage unannounced to open the broadcast, RiRi was seated on a throne inside the mouth of a giant snake that shot out laser beams through its eyes. She joined about a dozen female dancers as she teased the song's risque words, "Suck my cockiness / Lick my persuasion."

'Cockiness' featured rapper A$AP Rocky came out to deliver his guest verse, though much of it had to be bleeped by MTV censors. Rocky took the opportunity to sneak a kiss from Rihanna (who wouldn't?), then departed as the racing beat of 'We Found Love' took over.

With Calvin Harris serving as the VMAs' house DJ, RiRi decided to head over to his mini-stage in the center of the audience. She somehow made her way through the delirious crowd to reach the DJ, where she sang and danced while he spun their monster collaboration.

We could see Rihanna and Harris together on stage once more, since 'We Found Love' is a contender for Video of the Year tonight. RiRi is also nominated for that award with Drake for 'Take Care.'