If you think we drank another 200 bottles of Ace of Spades while up in the air, you're surely mistaken. Day two of Rihanna's 777 Tour was still in full force, but started with us touching down in Toronto shortly after 9AM, jet lagged. The red eye from Mexico City wore us out!

Delirious and sleep deprived, we made our way over to the baggage claim to find Rihanna chilling there too! Accompanied by her bodyguard and personal assistant, she appeared comfortable in a heather grey track suit, pink baseball cap and glasses while waiting for her luggage.

She's just like us!

RiRi was also happy to take pictures with airport security. One of them went up to her and confessed the reason he needed to take a picture was because his "daughter is a huge fan." She happily obliged.


By the time we got to the hotel shortly after 10AM, we had just enough time to work and catch up (sort of) on sleep. This marks the first time we've ever checked in and out of a hotel same day without overnight stay -- and it's bizarre as it sounds.

At 5:30PM, showered (yay!) and somewhat rested, we headed to downtown Toronto for concert number two, held at the Danforth Music Hall. The venue -- a former early 20th Century movie theatre -- has retained it's alabaster detailing on the walls and ceilings. Only holding 1300 people, it is much more intimate than the Mexico City location.

We talked to a few ecstatic fans who won tickets the day of the show (one guy didn't know until 6PM!) before DJ Reflex entertained us from the front of the stage, as opposed to Mexico City where DJ Congorock was stationed at the back.

Once the lights seemed to dim and the anticipation rose, Toronto fans started chanting "RiRi! RiRi!" and before we knew it, Rihanna appeared just before 9:30PM, wearing a bralet variation to last night -- this time with cropped, wide-leg grey pants and a matching jacket with black sleeves. Her bralet top was white this time, round glasses were dark, and hair straightened. She also dressed it up with pumps. But as always she looked bada--- and flawless.

PopCrush (2)

The set list did not vary too much from Mexico City. She still gyrated on 'Cockiness' and 'Cake' and included an acoustic set with the same three tracks. "We're going to need hopeless romantics in the house," she shouted. "So sing along if you'd like!" She also let the guitarists roam free again -- they added rock elements and killer guitar licks (that don't exist on any of her records) to songs like 'Phresh Off the Runway' 'and 'Where Have You Been.'

She did, however, perform two songs Thursday night that were not in the previous night's set: 'Don't Stop the Music' (in place of 'Disturbia') and her Eminem collaboration 'Love the Way You Lie.' The latter showed the songstress' true colors, backed by volcanic and red stormy imagery in the background. One thing we difference we noticed tonight was Rihanna's energy -- it was top notch and even better than the previous nights, which gets us so excited for her future gigs since she's improving upon her already fantastic performance.

Shortly after RiRi's performance of 'Man Down' (where she sat on the stage steps for the beginning of the first verse) the stage went dark. Then Rihanna appeared, stating: "This is the 777 tour and this is show number two. But I have a gift for one of you. This gives you total bragging rights."

The crowd went wild.

"This is the next level s---... So I want everyone in the building to say thank you HTC!" After pointing out a guy that looks like he could use a gadget and complimenting a gal that looked tech-savvy, she set her heart on a cute fan that didn't look "older than 18," and handed her a custom made HTC (FYI, they company is sponsoring the tour) manufactured phone detailed with the signature 'Unapologetic' logo and the word 'Toronto.' We're pretty sure you have to be 19 to drink in Canada and therefore get into bars, but we digress. After all, it's the gift that matters, right?


Afterwards we headed back to the Toronto airport to head overseas … to Stockholm! This is where the tour should get really good. Stay tuned...

777 Tour Toronto Set List:
1. ‘Cockiness’
2. ‘Birthday Cake (Remix)’
3. ‘Talk That Talk’
4. ‘Wait Your Turn’
5. ‘Man Down’
6. ‘Only Girl in the World’
7. ‘Don't Stop the Music'
8. ‘S&M’
9. ‘Phresh Off the Runway’
Acoustic Set:
10. ‘Unfaithful’
11. ‘Take a Bow’
12. ‘Hate That I Love You’
(End Acoustic Set)
13. ‘Where Have You Been’
14. ‘What’s My Name?’
15. ‘Run This Town’
16. ‘Live Your Life’
17. ‘All of the Lights’
18. ‘Diamonds’
19. 'Love the Way You Lie'
20. ‘Umbrella’
21. ‘We Found Love’