Rihanna makes her film debut this summer in the big budget actioner 'Battleship,' which cruises into multiplexes in May. It should be a blockbuster and with an A-list pop star like Rihanna on the marquis -- expect her fans to hit the theater to check her out as she flexes different creative muscles.

The singer has gotten a head start on promotion for the film with her castmates and co-stars in London this week, looking lovely with her shaggy blonde cut with heavy bangs and her olive green, silky dress.

While overseas, Rihanna attended a press conference and posed for photos with co-stars Taylor Kitsch and Brooklyn Decker. She looks fabulous and she's showing off her feminine side in the publicity for the film, since she plays a weapons-handling bada-- on the big screen. We really are looking forward to seeing that side of our sexy gal RiRi.

Wouldn't you like to be Kitsch in the photo to the left? Being the peanut butter in a Rihanna/Brooklyn Decker sandwich is never, ever a bad thing.

Check out some more shots below, featuring Rihanna looking extra beautiful in soft makeup and with a big ol' smile across her face. Look for 'Battleship' to set sail on May 18, with Ri as Cora Raikes.