Rihanna visited her breasts in Germany.

How? you might consider asking. Breasts are an extension of the body, right? How could breasts be someplace that the person whose breasts they are wasn't already? Say I live in the United States — my legs couldn't be in the Azores?

You're not wrong. Here's what happened:

Artist Juan Sebastián Peláez, whose latest works center on "upright, oversize photo-cutouts of headless human bodies—captured in athletic positions, sporting bikini swimwear, or posing in the limelight in glitzy, bling gowns—with faces surreally integrated into their chests," looked to Rihanna for his latest piece. Featured at Berlin Biennale Kunst-Werke Institute for Contemporary Art, "Ewaipanoma (Rihanna)" looks to be a few stories tall, and, indeed, features her face surreally integrated into her chest.

So, what to do when a life-sized, faceless simulacrum erected in your honor appears in Europe? You go to it! This is what Rihanna did after performing at Berlin's Mercedes-Benz Arena on Tuesday (August 16).

"Went to visit my boobs the biggest they'll ever be" Rihanna wrote with the image. "Too wild," she also observed.

"That statue is crazy!" one follower observed of Rihanna's German statue and German breasts.

"this sh---s in berlin and i will find it and i will look at it," another added.

I wonder if there are novelty trinkets that feature Rihanna with Rihanna's German breasts at the gift shop.

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