Rihanna is raising a glass with her new single, 'Cheers (Drink to That).' The song is infused with the tropical, island groove that she has explored on 'Loud' and which harks back to her upbringing in Barbados.

We love the lazy, reggae cadence she adopts when singing "Everybody put your glasses up / And I drink to that." Expect to hear this tune bellowing at your local watering hole, dive bar or club, since it's "cheers for the freakin' weekend."

Rihanna sings like she spent an entire day outside, the sun kissing her face and now she is at an outdoor bar, with her Ray-Bans on, looking for a hook up as she lets the "Jameson sink in" and reminds us to "don't let the b-----d get you down."

The choruses are filled out by a female voice singing "Yeah, yeah," complementing RiRi's island style. She could change her name to Rihanna Marley with this song and no one would be surprised. And you could listen to 'Cheers (Drink to That)' in Wisconsin in January and it'll instantly transport you to July at the shore. There's also a guitar groove that anchors the song and gives it that island feel.

Rihanna also reminds us that "life is too short to sit around being miserable" and "people gonna talk whether you're doing bad or good." Forget arguments or getting in fights. The song lifts spirits by celebrating the consumption of spirits. It's RiRi at her most reggae and at her least polished. She is veering off the path a little and we like it.

The song, which was produced by hip-hop duo the Runners, includes a singalong, too, lending itself to that communal, "let's toss one back" energy of the song.

Listen to Rihanna 'Cheers (I'll Drink to That)'