Rihanna has changed her hair so many times in the past several months, going from fire engine red to shaggy blonde to long, black and straight, that it would not shock us if the Bajan beauty went for another bold look.

She shared a photo that has us wondering: Did Rihanna get dreads?

She tweeted a photo of her bad self with the caption: “Wake bake shake dem dreads." Her beautiful eyes were framed by thick, round dreads.

Obviously, it's some sort of wig, since actual dreading takes months and starts out with knotted, unwashed locks. RiRi is an island girl, so dreads would be a flattering look for her and a nod to her region of origin.

If RiRi does rock dreads for a few days or months, we pretty much demand that she sing Bob Marley songs while doing so. The fact that she mentioned waking and baking is further indication that RiRi is embracing the 420 culture, which is closely tied to reggae and dread wearers.

Tell us what you think of RiRi with dreads. Is it a cool, temporary look? Should she commit and do real dreads? Do they overwhelm her delicate, pretty features? We think she looks, as usual, fashion-forward and fine.

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