Like clockwork, Rihanna releases an album every year, usually in the fourth quarter, which is when most major releases arrive in stores, due to the holiday shopping season. Is she gearing up for album eight this November?


Q4 is when major acts put out music and it's why Lady Gaga and Katy Perry are going head-to-head this fall, not because they are rivals looking to outdo one another in the pop sphere. Is Rihanna coming for her slice of the pie?

While it seemed that RiRi might take this year off, since she's been touring on her 'Unapologetic' record, it's rumored that she may release an album as soon as November.

That leaves little in the way of set up time, but RiRi doesn’t need set up. She's constantly in the news for her topless Instagram feed and her antics.

MTV Italy reports she will work on music in the next few weeks and then release the record in November.

Guess her little vacation -- during which she is posting tons of bikini pics -- is soon to be over, if this source is to be believed.

EDM producer Nicky Romero also recently indicated that he and David Guetta were working on a new Rihanna track.

It wouldn't shock us if Rihanna did drop an album before year's end, since that's what she does. However, it wouldn't be the worst thing in the world for her to take a break, take some time and give us a reason to miss her [insert melody to Pink's latest hit here!]

We also have no idea where MTV Italy got its information and until we hear it from Ri and her label, we'll assume that there's no new album on deck.