Is Rihanna making a name for herself as the next politically active celebrity?

Earlier today (July 15), Rihanna tweeted “#FreePalestine,” publicly choosing a side in the contentious Middle Eastern conflict between Palestine and Israel. Just eight minutes later, the tweet was deleted.

But as most big celebrities know, deleting a tweet only brings more attention to it. Screenshots of the tweet started circulating within moments, making her hashtag a permanent fixture in her social media history. Sorry, RiRi, but there’s no escaping the Internet! Or your 36 million Twitter followers.

Just three days ago, NBA player Dwight Howard pulled a nearly identical stunt. The basketball star tweeted “#FreePalestine” before deleting it almost immediately afterward. Unlike Rihanna, who has kept silent on her mysteriously disappearing tweet, Dwight revoked and apologized for his statement.

It isn’t clear what, or who, is the cause of Rihanna deleting her tweet, but whatever the reason, it seems like it’s going to be quietly brushed under the rug.