Short. Long. Wavy. Curly. Straight. Longer on one side. Shorter in the back. Black. Fire Engine Red. Mocha Brown. Buttery Blonde. Full of extensions. Shaved sides. You name it, Rihanna has had that hairstyle, often in the same week! The 'We Found Love' diva is a true hair chameleon, changing her look as often as it suits her mood.

Like her fashion sense, RiRi is a risk taker when it comes to her hair. She isn't afraid to go pixie short, and some might argue that she exploded as a modern style icon when she took the plunge and went super cropped.

Given her gamine neck and pretty features, like her heart-shaped face, she can wear long locks or remain shorn and still look gorgeous. It's like no style or color looks bad on her. She isn't afraid to pop with bright colors, to experiment with the ombre trend, all the while making it entirely her own by doing it differently. Some people... So genetically blessed.

We've picked the most memorable and best Rihanna hairstyles, cuts and colors over the past few years. Walk down this follicular memory lane with us!