Coldplay are using this particular video as the backdrop when they perform the Rihanna-assisted song 'Princess of China' in the live setting. So it's like RiRi is there … even when she isn't. These holograms/projections are all the rage in 2012. Thank you, technology! Because of this, the Bajan singer's presence is certainly felt, thanks to the geisha garb she wears, those dagger-like nails and the overall vision of loveliness that she is.

Rihanna is presented as an otherworldly goddess in a black, strapless dress,with a high slit, showing off her long, shapely leg. Also long and shapely? Those dangerous gold nails that are a handful inches long!

If this is the Princess of China, then we're her loyal subjects. We're almost distracted by RiRi's hair, which looks like a work of art, all done up and piled atop her head.

At one point, she sprouts multiple arms, showing off more Freddy Krueger like claws as she swirls her arms around in a dizzying motion.

In other scenes, the singer looks like she could easily have been plucked from 'Memoirs of a Geisha' when she whirls around with a brightly colored clothing. It's really a stunning look for her.

Watch Rihanna in Coldplay 'Princess of China' Live Video