It looks like Rihanna may be on her way to pulling a Beyonce by dropping a surprise album for fans -- though, considering it's a possible surprise, there's obviously no word on a specific date.

According to an interview with Entertainment Tonight (which you can watch above), the Bajan beauty hinted at the possibility of new music dropping sooner than we expect. The interviewer asked whether any new music would be coming out any time soon. Rihanna responded: “Very soon. That’s my hope.” Well, it’s certainly our hope, too!

She went on to talk about her excitement regarding her upcoming album, saying: "I’m really excited about the music that we’ve been working on and I can’t wait for everyone to hear it."

One album from Rihanna is exciting enough, but the rumor going around is that she could possibly be releasing two. The Daily Star sat down with famed DJ David Guetta, who told them he had been working on a few songs with Rihanna -- but that they were for a second album: "I have done a couple of tracks for her but it’s for a second album. She’s doing a film and the music is for the soundtrack to that film. It’s quite different."

No word yet as to when we'll hear any new music, but a surprise release just in time for December would be a perfect way to kick off the holiday season, Rihanna. Just saying.

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