Contrary to reports, Rihanna is not going to star as "a sexy bad girl" in the sixth installment of the 'Fast & Furious' franchise. Her publicist told MTV News, "As far as I'm aware this is not true." However, several actors are in the running to play the villain in Justin Lin's 'Fast Six' project.

According to Twitchfilm, actor Luke Evans is among those being offered the villainous role, that was originally slated for action star Jason Statham. The Welsh-born thespian has already appeared in a number of action-adventure films including 'Robin Hood' and 'Clash of the Titans.' He's currently shooting the eagerly anticipated movie 'The Hobbit' with filmmaker Peter Jackson.

We don't think Rihanna is too hurt by this rumored story. The R&B singer is busy promoting her new movie 'Battleship,' which sails into theaters on May 18. In addition, RiRi is reportedly set to play herself in the Seth Rogan comedy 'The End of the World' starring James Franco.

In any case, it appears that both Rihanna and Evans' acting careers are in high gear.