Haters will say it's Photoshop, but Rihanna's love for Queen Elizabeth II's fashion sense can't be denied on her majesty's 91st  birthday.

Rihanna may be pop royalty, but she's still got enough love for one of the world's most famous royal mothers. Queen Elizabeth II celebrated 91 years on Earth on Friday, but with Coachella raging all through the weekend, Rihanna didn't have time to give Her Majesty a proper tribute until Sunday evening.

It was only yesterday that Riri's loyal Instagram followers were treated to a re-imagining of Queen Elizabeth II's wild wardrobe choices, clearly inspired by Rihanna's own fashion-forward sensibilities.

Rihanna's heart-shaped fur became a bit of a signature look for the diva last year, but even donning it slightly past its sell-by date, the Queen manages to bring a bit of regal glamour to the outfit. The cut-off shorts and thick sunglasses add just enough of that Buckingham glitz to set the Queen apart from Rihanna.

Breaking out her best "BBHMM" vibes, Queen Elizabeth II's stern interpretation of Riri's verdant ensemble lets you know she's in charge, and you had better not forget it. You can almost imagine that Her Majesty is eyeing Rihanna and Prince Harry getting a little too chummy after the young heir's trip to Barbados late last year.

Though the Queen herself was unable to attend Coachella with Rihanna, the two besties clearly shopped for the same outfit out of respect for one another. The sparkling bodysuit looks as if it could have come directly from the vaults of Windsor Castle itself, but we all know that those aren't the kind of clothes you wear among the people. Queen Elizabeth II does look rather stunning with her freshly polished crown, even if some of the shine of Rihanna's original post was worn by her having to adjust the description after a talking-to from her own mother.

The original post featured lyrics from Gucci Mane's "Both," offering that we were all just amateurs hoping to bring as much charisma as Her Majesty. They were, perhaps, a bit too salacious for one such as the Queen of England.

You would hardly recognize the Queen in this get up, inspired by Rihanna's Paper photo spread. Perhaps that's how she was so able to walk into the local Tesco to get a forty of, I'm just going to assume, Olde English 800. You know, because she's old and English.

Of course, it wouldn't be a Rihanna inspired wardrobe without some actual Rihanna goods. Queen Elizabeth II is obviously a good enough friend with Ms. Fenty that she got a pair of Rihanna X Dior wraps as a gift. Whether in green, red or in purple, Her Majesty managed to bring just as much class and couture to these looks as Rihanna herself, which is no small thing.

Even if some of the commenters weren't as thrilled with Rihanna's tribute to the nonagenarian Queen, Riri's own way of showing respect to England's royal matriarch was certainly memorable. These images are all just Photoshopped, but can you imagine the scandals that would have rocketed through the British tabloids if Riri had actually styled the Queen for her celebration? When you have 91 birthdays, I imagine it's a challenge to find new ways to make them interesting. That certainly would have been one to remember among the previous 90.

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