Usher has thanked Rihanna for her support ahead of his Super Bowl performance.

The 45-year-old singer is following in Rihanna's footsteps by performing the upcoming Super Bowl Halftime Show, and he's thanked the chart-topping star for her recent show of support.

In response to a video message from the Fenty founder, Usher wrote on X (formerly Twitter): "Real recognize real Thank U Queen @rihanna (sic)"

In the video, Rihanna hailed Usher as a "legend."

Asked if she had any tips for him, Rihanna replied: "I can’t give Usher no advice. Usher is a natural, he’s a legend and he’s been doing this since he’s a teenager."

The "Umbrella" hitmaker also believes he's perfectly suited to performing the Halftime Show.

She said: "He’s made for that show. I get excited about entertainers who do this, who are built for it and he just proved that in Vegas that he’s not going anywhere."

Meanwhile, Rihanna previously revealed that she "totally forgot about Valentine's Day" ahead of her Super Bowl performance.

The 35-year-old star has been with A$AP Rocky since 2020, but the Super Bowl became the focus of her attention ahead of her performance in February.

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She told CBS: "I've been so focused on the Super Bowl, I totally forgot that my birthday is coming up. I totally forgot about Valentine's Day. I am just like Super Bowl, Super Bowl, Super Bowl. It's a lot of preparation, a lot of moving parts.

"This is the week that it really is being tested. Everyone, we're just tightening up everything. Everybody is dialing in, everybody is tuning up, and a lot of moving parts.

"I mean, it's literally like three to four hundred people breaking the stage down and building it back up and getting it out in eight minutes. It's incredible. It's almost impossible."

Rihanna's 2023 Super Bowl Halftime Show Performance

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