The buzz on Rihanna's 'Red Lipstick' from the deluxe edition of 'Talk That Talk' is that it features a sample from Metallica's beefy anthem 'Wherever I May Roam.'

Truth be told, the sample is not as obvious as you might think, as there is no open riffing in the alpha female, dubstep-flavored jam. The melodic line from the Metallica song appears at the very beginning and is quite digitized. Even so, Rihanna works listeners up into such a lather that they might be too enraptured and distracted by her sexy voice to hear heavy metal threaded through the song.

As is the case with much of 'Talk That Talk,' RiRi is letting her sexuality hang out. She isn't afraid to assume the dominant role and brag about her exploits. 'Red Lipstick' features Auto-tuned vocals and recycled dubstep beats, lacing the song with a clubby feel. She makes sweeping statements about getting it on (while the whole world is watching, no less) and grabbing parts of anatomy, but pauses to sing something a wee bit thoughtful: "All up in my mental, gotta get up in my physical." Want to grind up on a boy, on the dance floor? Then this'd be the song to do that to.

RiRi either needs a cold shower or a boyfriend, stat, because she is a ripe little vixen on this song (and others on the album). If she set out to create an album that would inspire people to indulge their hormones and get busy, then congrats, Ri, you've succeeded.

Every song is bulging -- ahem, for lack of a better word -- with desire and 'Red Lipstick' is no different. Most beauty mags will tell you that women get their confidence while wearing red lipstick and if you apply that philosophy to 'Talk That Talk,' RiRi is wearing red lipstick on every song, especially the one that is named as such.

Listen to Rihanna, 'Red Lipstick' [Explicit]