Celeb tabloid often post the poignant, philosophical question "Diva or Down to Earth" when running shots of celebrities getting manis and pedis or carrying their own groceries.

Well, Rihanna falls under the "Down to Earth" category thanks to her recent trip on the London tube, which is the city's underground transportation system. That's right. RiRi took the tube to her own concert at the O2 Arena last night.

MTV UK reports that RiRi hopped on the tube at the North Greenwich station, shocking and surprising fans. There were no limos for RiRi, even though she certainly could have requested them and had her wish granted. While tubing it, RiRi also posed with fans for photos (as shown here), many of which ended up as tweets later that night!

The singer was accompanied by her entourage, so she is still every inch the diva we've come to know and love! Once she exited the tube station, she jumped into a car that was waiting for her. The car rove her 100 yards to the venue.

You never know who you can run into while taking public transportation these days.

RiRi: She's just like us!