When the time came for Rihanna to choose her third single off of 'Talk That Talk,' she decided to let her fans do the picking. After receiving tons of tweets and Facebook comments, Rihanna has announced that the title track 'Talk That Talk' will be her next single.

Rihanna made the announcement over Twitter, writing, "#TALKthatTALK love u guys! Been missin u." She also linked to the seductive 'Talk That Talk' single artwork, which is black, white and red and features the songstress in a squatting position. Her hair is styled up in big curls and a bandana, and she is decked out in edgy denim garb and has a toothpick stuck between her teeth -- she sort of looks like that bad girl in high school that your mom never wanted you to hang out with, but you secretly always wanted to. The shot is very come hither, so it matches up perfectly with the sexy tune.

On the song, Rihanna teams up with the man who jump-started her career, Jay-Z. The new dad to Blue Ivy delivers a rap verse before Rihanna jumps in to croon the catchy lyrics. 'Talk That Talk' is reminiscent of tracks like 'Rude Boy,' with quick snares and a repetitive, sing-along chorus. Just like 'Rude Boy,' we have a feeling that 'Talk That Talk' will be another hit for the beautiful babe from Barbados.

'Talk That Talk' follows Rihanna's wildly successful club banger 'We Found Love' and her smooth, island-inspired love song 'You Da One.' RiRi is really making a great showing for her 'Talk That Talk' LP, with her first three singles giving different tastes of what the album has to offer.

Listen to Rihanna, 'Talk That Talk'