Stop us if you've heard this one before. Rihanna went topless! OMG, you guys!

She was in Brazil posing for Vogue, with tape strips strategically placed on her nipples, leaving little to the imagination.

You can still see triangle bikini lines from her vacationing, sunning and tanning. She is wearing armfuls of golden bracelets and high-waisted, nude-hued granny panties, which show some camel toe.

What's interesting is that these snaps were not taken by RiRi herself or her friends and then shared on Instagram. The shots were not taken in the confines of her home or at a vacation pad. It was on the beach, in front of a ton of people. But all in the name of fashion, fashion, fashion.

PopCrushers and Navy, what's your take on Rihanna's latest topless action? Too much, or never enough?