If you've been browsing the magazine racks at your local drugstore at all lately, the Novemeber issues of Vogue and InStyle might've looked pretty similar to you. Rihanna is covering Vogue in red, while Halle Berry is on the front of InStyle in red. While the women are wearing different dresses, one thing is the same: their adorable pixie haircuts!

Sitting in a meadow of neutral colors, Rihanna's red lips, smokey eyes, and bright red dress really stand out -- but the thing we cannot take our eyes off of is the singer's brand-new haircut. The pixie 'do looks fabulous on Rihanna. It highlights her amazing bone structure and allows her natural facial beauty to shine through.

Even though Rihanna is rocking the crop top now, actress Halle Berry has been owning this look for years now. Whenever we see the Oscar-winning actress in a film role that requires longer hair, we feel a little weird inside -- that's how comfortable we've become with her signature pixie cut. Why mess with something that's pretty much perfect?

Rihanna and Halle Berry both look super glamorous with their pixie haircuts, but which cover girl do you think wore this look best? Vote for RiRi or Halle below!