Miley Cyrus steamed up the Internet with her provocative 'Adore You' video. However, the sultry star isn't the first singer to get squeaky clean in a bathtub. Britney Spears and Rihanna also shot stunning visuals in tubs for their 'Everytime' and 'Stay' videos. Which bath scene is your favorite?

Rihanna stripped down, literally and vocally, for her 'Stay' video. Although she's normally known for her thumping club hits, the ballad shows off RiRi's vulnerable side -- and a lot of skin. A bare-faced Rihanna looks exquisite, yet heartbroken, as she curls up alone in the tub. While the singer looks stunning in all of her videos, we're digging that she's not afraid to go simple.

Miley Cyrus took on a slightly more seductive tone for 'Adore You.' The singer wears a black mesh dress as she writhes in the steaming water. The bathtub scene carries the video's overarching theme of Miley showing her man how he makes her feel. 'Stay' and 'Everytime' have more somber moods, but 'Adore You' is love ballad and we love Miley's understated (and fully clothed) approach.

Admits her media frenzy in 2004, Britney Spears released the video for 'Everytime.' In the video, Brit is swarmed by paparazzi and gets in a fight with her boyfriend before taking a long bath. While in the tub, Britney slips under the water, leaving viewers to wonder if she died or if she is simply imaging her life another way. The visual poignantly echoed the own chaos of the singer's life.

Which bathtub scene is your fave? Vote in the poll below!

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