Every week, Popcrush will be bringing you a collection of themed GIFS. This week, we are showcasing the best Rihanna GIFs from around the Web. Check out these hilarious Rihanna GIFs that we found and enjoy our additional commentary.

When Rihanna found out Angelina Jolie banned her music from Pax and Zahara.

When Rihanna read Frank Ocean's coming out letter.

When Rihanna listened to Chris Brown's new 'Fortune' album for the first time.

When Rihanna found out they were looking for a new 'American Idol' judge.

When Rihanna heard No Doubt's new single 'Settle Down'

When Rihanna heard Rush Limbaugh's Batman conspiracy.

When Rihanna saw Justin Bieber's new Rolling Stone cover.

When Rihanna heard they were coming out with a 'Finding Nemo' sequel.

When Rihanna heard the Cookie Monster's cover of 'Call Me Maybe.

When Rihanna saw Kris Humphries' tweet about Kanye West.