Rest easy, Choni shippers, it looks like Cheryl Blossom and Toni Topaz will still be going strong when Riverdale returns for Season 3.

In a tweet posted on Thursday (August 2), showrunner Roberto-Aguirre Sacasa offered viewers what he deemed a "gorgeous preview of coming attractions," sharing a photo from from Season 3's third episode of Cheryl and Toni looking very much in love. In the picture, Cheryl leans back against a wall, embracing Toni as she stares off into the distance, while Toni — clad in her Serpents jacket — looks straight into the camera with a smile.

This comes after a long road of will-they, won't-they romance for the new couple, who, after going on an accidental, romantically-charged movie date, finally admitted their feelings to one another toward the end of last season. They shared a kiss after Toni helped break Cheryl out of Sisters of Quiet Mercy, where her mother had sent her for gay conversion therapy, and eventually, Cheryl joined the Serpents so she could be by Toni's side.

Vanessa Morgan, who portrays Toni, confirmed to Elite Daily in June that fans would be seeing more of Choni in Season 3.

"You’re gonna see a lot more of Choni’s relationship, I’ve heard, which is great," she said. "And because I’m a series regular now I’m really just hoping you’ll see more of my backstory and more about my family life which would be nice."

Riverdale returns for Season 3 on Wednesday, Oct. 10.