Robert Pattinson has been starring on big screens since he was a teen, making him much more away of the dangers of being a young celebrity and growing up in the spotlight.

“I did ‘Harry Potter’ when I was like 17, and nothing really happened after that,” the 28-year-old actor told Vanity Fair. “I mean, I made loads of money compared to anyone my age — it was incredible. But I mean, then I just did little TV things afterwards. But I got to live from 18 to 21, you get your own apartment and basically I didn’t star in ‘Twilight’ until 21. It’s different because you’re still young, but you’ve had a life beforehand. Whereas if you’re 10, it’s a totally different thing.”

Robert Pattinson may be able to credit that several-year gap for why he didn’t turn into a downwards-spiraling child actor. Others, however, haven’t been so lucky, starting off in Hollywood at a young age and remaining there throughout adolescence.

The ‘Twilight’ star continued, “When you see these kids, there is only one way: you either get in therapy now or become a serial killer, or kill yourself. I mean, you can see it really early on — it’s terrifying.”

Er, yikes. If anyone would know, it’d be the guy who’s been around those stars for the last decade.

As for our favorite child celeb, Justin Bieber gets the stamp of approval from RPattz… for the most part.

“I’ve met him before…on his party bus,” Robert laughed. “I’ve met him a couple of times. He’s all right.”