Robert Pattinson and One Direction's Louis Tomlinson have a lot more in common than you might think. Aside from being British heartthrobs, these two talented lads have really, really fantastic hair. Usually styled to look lightly tousled, their luscious locks are just one reason Twihards and Directioners go wild. Who do you think has better hair?

Robert Pattinson's hair got its big screen debut in the Harry Potter franchise, but really took off when the actor scored the role of Edward Cullen. One of the basic requirements of being a fictional vampire is that you have to be crazy beautiful (see: Ashley Greene, Kellan Lutz), so it makes sense that R. Patz's hair is perfection. Whether he's pretending to be a normal high schooler (LOL) or defending Bella, he makes sure his locks are in pristine condition.

Oh, Louis Tomlinson: The way he flips his hair gets us overwhelmed. LT's locks have evolved from a shaggy bowl cut to a thick mop that, at times, defies gravity. Yes, we're sure there's a fair amount of product keeping his hair looking that darn good, but nothing great comes without a little work, right? We can't resist the freshly rumpled look -- perfect for a pop star constantly posing for pics with over-zealous fans.

Which gent has the better locks? Vote for your favorite head of hair in the poll below!