Romeo, the rapper son of Master P who was formerly known as Lil Romeo, has released a song called 'Fire Burning' in which he raps over Adele's monster hit 'Rolling in the Deep.'

The clip begins with the opening verse of the Adele track, which is soon followed by a hip-hop beat and pulsing synths. By the time Romeo starts rapping, more than a minute in, the Adele sample disappears entirely, except for the "there's a fire" line.

Romeo's rapid delivery is impressive, but the song feels disjointed because his track really has nothing to do with Adele's and they don't mesh very well.

Including the Adele sample might have been a good way to draw media attention to the track, but as a piece of art, it's a failure. The unfortunate thing is that it feels like Romeo might have been onto something if he'd just dropped the 'Rolling in the Deep' sample altogether and continued to flesh out the new song with additional verses and some sort of hook.

Even Romeo acknowledges in the song that rapping over Adele is an act of desperation. "I need a hit right now!," he admits. He also brags on Twitter that the song was written and recorded in 15 minutes. That's not something he should be letting the world know, because the lack of time and effort shows.


Listen to Romeo, 'Fire Burning' Feat. Adele