Rosalía brutally clapped back at a musician who posted fake nude photos of her on his Instagram Story in a tacky, desperate bid for clout.

"Going to look for clout by disrespecting and sexualizing someone is a type of violence, and it’s disgusting, but doing it for four more plays is embarrassing," the "Bizcochito" rapper tweeted Tuesday (May 23), according to a Twitter translation.

Her tweet was directed toward JC Reyes, a small Spanish artist who recently posted and deleted photos of Rosalía that were Photoshopped to make her appear nude.

In a livestream after he posted the images, Reyes implied that Rosalía sent him the photos.

"I can’t be posting photos of a woman who sends that to me. That would be shameless. I was just thinking about how bad she felt. It wasn’t for her to get so upset about it," he said in Spanish, according to Rolling Stone.

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The situation prompted fans to trend #RespectRosalia on social media.

On Twitter, one fan shared the original photos to prove that the images Reyes posted were indeed edited.

"We support Rosalía, and we are not going to allow a fame-seeking man to upload an edit of Rosalía naked to his IG stories," another fan tweeted.

"Rosalía did not bother preparing and updating herself as an artist so that a discouraged person [could] attract attention with an edited photo of her," someone else wrote.

Rosalía is currently engaged to Puerto Rican music star Rauw Alejandro. The two were first linked publicly in August 2021.

"Of course, my career is super important in my life, but at the same time, in my life, you're my companion, and everything else comes second," Rosalía said of Alejandro in a cover story for Billboard.

In March, the couple shared the news of their engagement via a music video for their collaboration, "Beso."

Watch Rosalía & Rauw Alejandro's "Beso" Music Video:

The pair released a three-song EP, RR, the same month.

Ahead of their collaborative EP, Alejandro told Apple Music's Zane Lowe how Rosalía inspires him to improve his craft.

"I've been taking vocal classes, thanks to my girl. She always like, 'You need to practice more.' Okay, I'll do it. I'll do it. She practices her vocals every day with her professor. She inspires me," he shared.

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