Rowan Blanchard doesn't feel like smiling all the time, and she'd appreciate it if everyone would stop telling her to, thanks.

The Girl Meets World actress posted a series of tweets on Sunday (November 29) in which she asked Instagram users to quit speculating on her mental state based on a few selfies she posted.

She wrote, "I post on my Instagram what I like :) if I want to smile I will!! Nothing more than that. I wish people would stop reading into things.”

Rowan then took it a step further and urged her fans to stop throwing the word "depression" around so lightly, as those who really do struggle from depression are taken less seriously as a result.

She wrote, "I don't think people realize how rude and hurtful it can be to just see comments where people say 'Are you depressed?' when depression is a serious and personal thing that affects a ton of people. Funny how people think my Instagram means I'm depressed, yet when people who are actually depressed talk about their depression people make light of it and say that they are 'overreacting.'"

If you think Rowan, too, is overreacting and that fans are well-meaning and concerned, here's an example of one comment: "She's overworked and depressed and smiling could help," as though the physical act of smiling is a magical cure-all for someone truly suffering from clinical depression.

This isn't the first time Rowan's attempted to enlighten fans about serious topics. Back in August, she wrote a lengthy blog post explaining the importance of intersectional feminism, which is still available to read in full on her Tumblr.

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