Madonna, that lightning rod for drama and controversy, dodged another legal bullet. The Russian lawsuits that were lodged against the Material Girl after she expressed support for St. Petersburg's gay community by waving LGBT flags on stage, have been tossed out of court. The plaintiffs had been seeking a whopping $10.7 million in damages from Madge.

On Thursday (Nov. 22), a Russian court threw the lawsuits levied by local residents out, according to The Hollywood Reporter. So Madge had another reason to be thankful on Thanksgiving.

The nine residents were seeking nearly $11 million in damages -- roughly $1.2 million a piece -- after Madonna played their city last summer. They claimed they were insulted by comments Madonna made about the city's gay community and by some of her behaviors during her Aug. 9 show. They also said they were misled by pink wrist bands that were handed out at the entrance, which were seen as a measure of support for the gay community.

The judge wasn't buying any of it, and decided to toss the suit after reminding the suit bringers that the tickets were clearly marked "18+" and that anyone below that age was not allowed to attend the show. He also pointed out that no part of the show could be deemed offensive to anyone over the age of 18.

Why the big brouhaha over Madonna aligning herself with the homosexual community, something she has done her entire career? Well, Madonna was showing support for local gays after the city of St. Petersburg had passed a regulation that banned "propagation of homosexuality." That's why local fans took issue with her actions.

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