Even though Ryan Gosling oh-so casually broke the hearts of every fangirl (and boy) who drooled over him before he and Eva Mendes dropped the biggest bombshell in surprise-baby history by giving birth to Esmeralda Amada in 2014, we’ve learned to forgive him. And sure, we know Ryan will make the perfect dad. We’d like to get away with calling him “Daddy” ourselves one day too, but “bae” will suffice...for now.

Today (Nov. 12) marks the heartthrob’s 35th birthday, but somehow he’s managed to look not a day over 25 in the past decade. We’re not sure what his secret is, but we’re not complaining, because Ryan is a beautiful angel of a man, teasing us unworthy beings ever since he made his glorious decent from heaven. (Just reporting the facts here.)

If you think we’re being a little dramatic with the details, then you probably haven’t seen The Notebook or Crazy, Stupid, Love, or...Ryan Gosling at all. In which case, you’ve been depriving yourself of some serious man-candy.

So to help you make it through the day, we thought it only appropriate to bring sexy back with Ryan’s most bae-worthy looks. “Hey girl (and guy),” you’re welcome.

Ryan Gosling