There’s no better way to celebrate an impending birthday than to dig up 16-year-old footage of whoever's birthday it is and broadcasting it for the world to see. That’s exactly what Entertainment Tonight did for Ryan Gosling. For Ryan’s 34th birthday, they released footage of him at 18-years-old, during his very first interview with ET. Check it out above!

At the time, Ryan was training for the titular role of the television series ‘Young Hercules.’ And while the show didn’t last very long (ending after one season), Ryan went on to achieve superstar — not to mention total heartthrob — status.

When the interviewer asks Ryan what he plans on doing once the show premieres and Ryan is inevitably bombarded with female attention he quickly responds: “I’ll take ‘em out! Anyone who wants to go out with me can come out with me. I’m not picky!’

He then goes on to display the rough beginnings of what we've all come to swoon over -- that serious Gosling-charm. He says to the interviewer: “Come on, I don’t know why we gotta play this game. Let’s just get married. You wanna?” Sadly, the interviewer shuts him down fast.

Not to worry, though. As we all know, Ryan went on to develop some real wooing skills. Just ask Eva Mendes... or, you know, every other person who's aware of his existence.