Kim Kardashian and husband Kanye West welcomed their newborn son into the world on Saturday, December 5. While Kim had previously toyed with fans' emotions by saying she was open to calling their second child Easton (in response to a joke nearly everyone in the Western world made as soon as her pregnancy was announced), the pair announced their son's actual name on Monday. This baby is a Saint. Literally.

And frankly? "Saint West" isn't that strange, as celebrity baby names go. As we've pointed out, Fall Out Boy's Pete Wentz named his son Saint Lazslo just last year. Pharrell has a kid named Rocket! Gwyneth Paltrow's got Apple, Sylvester Stallone's son answers to Sage Moonblood and celebrity chef Jamie Oliver has a daughter named Petal Blossom Rainbow. North and Saint's rapper-producer dad has a pretty distinctive name, and Kim's fame-savvy enough to know a famous kid's name has to sparkle— what were they gonna name him, "Dan"?

Regardless: Twitter's always got jokes. The internet will take any chance to poke fun at Kim (she's mostly game) and the hot air balloon that is Kanye's outsized ego attracts its own legion of haters every time. People just can't let a defenseless baby's name go un-taunted in the age of social media — so here's a roundup of their reactions.

Lots of folks pointed out the obvious Yeezus/Saint connection — but is it really a "joke" if Kanye already connected those dots himself?

A "Gold Digger" reference. Better.

Cruel Intentions actress Selma Blair approves — her kid Arthur's a Saint, too. 

Where can we buy this candle? Just kidding, haha!! No but um, really, where?

While some naively tweeted that Saint's name would get him pummeled by dull-eyed bullies at the public school he'll never go to, this guy knows the real deal.

Wordplay, kind of (it is pretty fun to say out loud).

Someone had to shoehorn Saint's name into the current 'Pope's got bars' meme.

And finally, some good old-fashioned Roman Catholic reliquary humor. Never gets old!

Let us know what you think of KimYe's baby name choice — and whether you initially blanched at "North" but secretly think it's kinda cute now.

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